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Hair Regeneration

What is Hair Regeneration?

Hair Regeneration is a treatment for thinning hair and hair loss hair treatment using adult stem cell based wound-healing materials developed by Dr. Amiya Prasad. Dr. Prasad’s Hair Regeneration is customized in terms of concentrations, areas treated, depth of treatment and technique. The materials used for Dr. Prasad’s Hair Regeneration treatment include:

- Extracellular matrix (ECM) made by ACell, a wound healing material that recruits adult stem cells to duplicate human tissue like skin and muscle. When used in treating hair loss, ECM appears to clinically restore the necessary cells responsible for hair growth.

- Platelet-rich plasma  (PRP)- the isolated serum from a patient’s own blood that contains concentrated healing and growth factors. PRP is used in regenerative medicine applications in oral surgery, orthopedic surgery and cosmetic surgery.

- Vitamin D – the nutrient demonstrated by University of Tokyo to increase transformation of cells in tissue culture to transplantable hair follicles.

- Other materials customized to the patient’s cause of hair loss such as anti-inflammatory medication.

Hair Regeneration before and afters.019

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How Does Hair Regeneration Work?

Hair Regeneration appears to reverse the hair thinning cycle and stops continued hair loss when injected into the skin at different levels including the dermal and fatty layer.  It appears that Dr. Prasad’s Hair Regeneration system helps the body’s production of hair follicle adult stem cells called progenitor cells. Progenitor cells are known to decrease in people who are suffering from hair loss as published by studies from the University of Pennsylvania. This Hair Regeneration appears to restore the cells and signals that are sent from the dermal papillae to the bulge area of the hair follicles to produce and continue growing hair. Hair that was previously thinning and weak grows progressively thicker and stronger.  It has also been observed that hair that were gray, after treatment become darker. The hair follicles become healthier and more active, producing thicker and thicker hair. This reverses the previous hair loss problem where the hair follicle activity lessened and hair became progressively thinner.

Hair Regeneration before and afters.011

In reviewing treatment data, at this time Dr. Prasad’s The Hair Regeneration treatment is effective in 99% of male pattern hair loss patients and about 80% of female pattern hair loss patients. The treatment itself takes about 2 hours. Reviewing 5 years of clinical data, a single treatment appears to be all that is needed. Dr. Prasad has been performing second treatments in select patients.

Hair Transplant Replacement and Hair Transplant Enhancement

The Hair Regeneration treatment is so effective in thickening hair that many people who undergo the treatment don’t feel they need a hair transplant. Dr. Prasad performs hair transplant in patients with more advanced hair loss.  The Hair Regeneration system makes hair transplant surgery more successful by:

1)     improving graft survival

2)     thickening hair that was thinning

3)     improving donor area healing

Hair Regeneration before and afters.044

- This combination of wound healing materials in Hair Regeneration is used in the healing the donor area scar at the back of the head from follicular unit transplantation (FUT) as well as follicular unit extraction (FUE).

- Hair Regeneration can stop progressive, future hair loss – an important issue that hair transplant alone does not address.

- Hair Regeneration’s wound healing components improves the healing of transplanted hair follicles, thereby increasing the survival rate of transplanted hair grafts.

Applying expertise in surgery and wound healing to hair thinning

Hands-on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery experience with ECM by ACell has helped Dr. Prasad develop new methods for treating hair thinning. Dr. Prasad was the first doctor to apply the automated micro-needling technique to enhance the activity of the ECM to restore thinning hair in January of 2012. This helped his patients significantly in restoring volume and thickness to hair that was thinning.

 Hair Regeneration Treatment
Dr. Prasad customizes the depth and density of his micro-needling technique based on methods from his surgical experience.


Regenerative Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery to Hair Regeneration

Dr. Amiya Prasad has used several methods to apply ECM (extracellular matrix) to enhance cosmetic and reconstruction surgery for advanced healing and scar reduction.

Dr. Amiya Prasad Hair Restoration Specialist

Earlobe and cartilage regeneration

A man who had cancer affecting his ear required removal of a significant part of the ear to clear the cancer. Although tissue regeneration in many parts of the body had been done previously, this type of tissue regeneration had not been done before.
Dr. Prasad applied his surgical knowledge and experience and has helped this man literally regrow ear tissue.

Acell Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Used in Ear Regeneration/Reconstruction r. Prasad Performs Surgery Using ECM for Scar Reduction and Advanced Healing
The earlobe and ear cartilage was removed to prevent spread of cancer. Dr. Prasad performs surgery using ECM by ACell to regenerate skin and cartilage to regrow ear tissue.


Reconstructive Surgery with Advanced Healing Using ECM Reconstructive Surgery with Advanced Healing Using ECM

Dr. Prasad’s reconstructive methods using ECM regrows ear tissue

Regenerative Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Prasad applies his knowledge and experience with ECM by ACell to enhance his cosmetic surgery procedures
such as facelift surgery


Facelift Incision Healing After 2 Weeks Facelift Incision Healing After 2 Weeks

Dr. Prasad applied ECM by ACell with his surgical technique to improve healing.
This facelift incision appears healed at 2 weeks as if it had healed for more than 2 months


About ACell

ACell’s extracellular matrix (ECM) attracts adult stem cells to the site of injury such as hair transplantation and converts them into active progenitor cells. It also sets up a non-crosslinked temporary scaffolding for the tissue reconstruction mimicking the surrounding healthy but damaged tissue. This scaffolding contains and slowly releases growth factors (VEGF etc.). The ECM also contains an abundance of necessary materials for remodeling including collagen IV.

This process has resulted in increased hair counts in the grafts in the recipient area (increased hair density) plus remarkable healing in the donor area.

Much has been written as about the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections to slow down or stop balding as well as to re-grow miniaturizing scalp hairs. A lot of the early reports indicated variable successes attributed to the fact that there are significant vital proteins (Collagen IV etc.) as well as multiple growth factors (i.e: VGRF) that are vital to terminal hairs along with hair survival and enhancement in general. PRP may enhance hair growth activity but it does not appear to affect the miniaturization of hair associated with male and female pattern hair loss.

What Is ACell’s Extracellular Matrix (ECM)?

Extracellular matrix (ECM), produced by ACell, is the by-product of urinary bladder tissue that has proven regenerative properties. The product is stripped of all cells as well as muscle tissue to prevent graft vs. host reactions (allergic reactions) when introduced in humans. The way it works (in wound healing) is by recruiting

adult stem cells along with increased  blood supply to the sight of a wound. It then effectively changes these inactive adult stem cells back into progenitor cells (the active form) to direct healing by duplication of native tissue instead of scar tissue.

ACell’s ECM also provides  growth factors and proteins necessary for tissue regeneration as well as a scaffold on which to reconstruct the tissue. The scaffold is metabolized allowing the healing and regeneration to be carried out by one’s own cells and tissue.

platelet rich plasma with ecm (extracellular matrix) for hair loss

Platelet rich plasma with ECM (extracellular matrix) is part of the Hair Regeneration Treatment

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) prepared and ready to mix with the ACell’s Extracellular Matrix (ECM)


Why Extracellular Matrix for Hair Restoration?

Extracellular matrix is unique in that it is bi-modal and contains a basement membrane necessary to attract and propagate both epithelial and endothelial cells that are necessary elements for duplication and restructuring of skin and hairs. Extracellular matrix works by setting up a temporary cellular scaffold or bridge and then by attracting massive blood supply plus Adult Stem Cells (there are large numbers of inactive adult stem cells circulating in all humans after we are born) to the site of injury where they are converted back into progenitor cells.

Preparation of the PRP by Spinning Patient's Blood in Centerfuge

Preparation of the PRP

Extracellular matrix also contains more than ample amounts of the necessary proteins and growth factors to reconstruct and copy tissue along with nerves and appendages (hair for example). Recently it has been shown that PRP (as well as, we suspect, the serum from spun down arterial blood) contain large numbers of adult stem cells. By premixing the ECM with either the arterial serum (or more easily the PRP in a non-surgical patient) we are skipping the step of waiting for the adult stem cells to migrate to the injection sites and in essence pre-activating the injections. The injection sites serve as microwounds, which ECM requires to begin the healing (duplication) process. In our opinion, wounds cannot be superficial, but rather, must be down to the subcutaneous tissue level in order to maximize effectiveness.



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