LITE IV : Sedation During Hair Transplant Process

As a hair restoration specialist, Dr. Amiya Prasad prefers to use his own version of sedation during hair transplant procedures. Dr. Amiya Prasad’s LITE IV Sedation, when used during hair transplantation, helps to relax the hair transplant patient and regulate the patients’ blood pressure which reduces an effect known as “popping”. In some cases, when a patient has high blood pressure, the pressure of the blood causes transplanted grafts to pop out, hence the term “popping”. This is an unfortunate occurrence because the patient is unable to retain a lot of the grafts.

In order to prevent this, LITE IV Sedation is used to reduce bleeding during the hair transplant, which allows the grafts to be placed easier. Thus, the donor hairs are out of the body for less time, thus increasing the effectiveness of the hair transplant results. This safe method of hair transplant using LITE IV sedation yields greater hair density because there are less complications and is more comfortable for the patient as well. The more hair grafts that take, the more successful the hair restoration.