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Leadership in Hair Restoration and
ACell + PRP Hair Loss Therapy

Dr Amiya Prasad Hair Regeneration Specialist

Prominent New York cosmetic surgeon
Amiya Prasad, M.D. developed The Hair Regeneration System 
for thinning hair in men and women. His application of ECM (extracellular matrix) made by ACell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair restoration has become the most sought after hair loss treatment at Prasad Cosmetic Surgery.  As a multi-specialty board certified surgeon, Dr. Prasad’s unique insight in the application of ECM by ACell for his surgical patients enabled him to advance the formulation and delivery techniques to treat hair loss helping men and women from around the world. Prasad Cosmetic Surgery has two Joint Commission certified practices located in Manhattan, Upper East Side and on Long Island in Garden City, NY.

Hair Regeneration on Fox News 5 NY

Click here for transcript.

Hair Regeneration

Ernie Anastos: We have hairy situation here, hair regeneration, like you have never seen this before.

Dari Alexander: Fox 5′s Kerry Drew shows us one treatment that lets you use your own blood to grow back your hair. Take a look.

Paul: These past few years, I’ve noticed, you know looking at the mirror, especially looking at old photos that my hair was thinning and receding.

Kerry: Paul Gioe says that he felt self-conscious about a section of thinning hair on the back of his head.

Paul: Looking at my family, there are some people there that don’t have any hair and I know how it progressed through them and I could, in a way, predict what the future holds for me.

Kerry: So Paul did some research and came across cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Amiya Prasad, who specializes in a procedure called Hair Regeneration.

Dr. Prasad: We can’t bring back hairs that are gone, but we can take hairs that are thinning and make them thicker.

Kerry: The treatment is unique. Through the use of the patient’s own blood, it generates growth of new hair.

Dr. Prasad: What we’re using is a material called extra cellular matrix and we’re combining this with platelet rich plasma. Platelet-rich plasma is derived from your own blood. We customize the formulation and inject it into the scalp. And what seems to occur is a wound-healing mechanism that results in reversal of hair thinning.

Kerry: To begin, Dr. Prasad examines Paul’s head under a microscope, to figure out where the injections will go.

Dr. Prasad: This is the area that will respond nicely to the treatment.

Kerry: Then Paul gets his blood drawn, and that same blood will be used for about 100 injections all over his scalp. Dr. Prasad said he has perfected this procedure over the past few years, and the results have been amazing.

Dr. Prasad: If there is one solution for male pattern hair loss that’s almost close to 100 percent in our clinical experience, it’s been doing this hair regeneration treatment.

Kerry: The one-time treatment costs about $5,000. It is not as effective for men and women with significant hair loss or those who are totally bald. As for Paul, he should start to see results in about a month. In a year, it will be even better.

Paul: Dr. Prasad was very thorough and clear and made me feel very optimistic about this. So I’m looking forward to the results a few months from now.

Kerry: On the Upper East Side, Kerry Drew, Fox 5 News.

Dr. Amiya Prasad is a renowned board certified cosmetic surgeon specializing in facial rejuvenation as well as body, breast and extremity surgery. His reputation for exceptional and natural cosmetic results has made him sought after by patients who value his compassion and commitment to excellence.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Regeneration Treatment by Dr Amiya PrasadFemale Pattern Hair Loss Regeneration Treatment by Dr Amiya Prasad
Hair Regeneration with ECM (extracellular matrix) by ACELL and PRP Updates. 
Dr. Prasad continues to apply his methods for regeneration for hair restoration surgery, scar revision and non surgical treatment for hair loss. View current ACell plus PRP patient results.

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Click here for transcript.

This informational presentation is about hair regeneration.

Are you of someone you know is suffering from Hair loss or thinning hair? The search for curing hair loss has challenged physicians and research scientists for decades. In this presentation, you will learn about the pioneering application of a remarkable wound healing technology to help people suffering from hair loss. This presentation is for informational purposes and is not a substitute for proper medical examination.

Did you know that men can start losing their hair as early as their teen years? And that it’s been estimated that 30% of women suffer from hair loss under the age of 50 and that percentage rises up to 50% over the age of 50. For men, traditional medical therapy has included Minoxidil and finasteride. For women, the medical treatment has been limited to minoxidil. Although medical therapy has helped many people, there has been a need for more options to help people suffering from thinning hair.

Dr. Amiya Prasad, a highly respected cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, has worked for several years developing a medical treatment for thinning hair using a material called extracellular matrix. As a multispecialty surgeon, Dr. Amiya Prasad has applied extracellular matrix technology in surgical procedures for eyes, ears, facelifts, reconstructive surgeries, body procedures and hair transplant surgery. Focused in helping men and women with thinning hair, Dr. Prasad developed his own combination of extracellular matrix, platelet-rich plasma, Vitamin D and other materials to help people with thinning hair.

How does it work? In the past few years, advancements in wound healing technology such extracellular matrix or ECM has helped surgeon like Dr. Prasad help patients with complex problems. When this material was used in hair transplant surgery, it was observed that thinning hair actually became thicker. Dr. Prasad combined his surgical knowledge using ECM from top universities such as the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University and the University of Tokyo to create his own formulation and delivery methods to help men and women with thinning hair.

Based on recent scientific studies, the cells and signals between the cells that produce the hair, stop working resulting in hair thinning and eventually hair loss. The clinical evidence indicates that this advanced wound healing technology combined with Dr. Prasad’s techniques restarts the cells and necessary signals to restore the hair growth cycle.

Dr. Prasad has helped people who have come from all over the world.

The work I’ve done has helped people think differently about hair thinning. For decade after decade, the hair transplanters seem committed to sell surgical procedures and not managing patients. These so-called hair specialists focus on patients to come back for more surgery knowing that the patients will continue to lose hair and need more procedures to keep up with their appearance. We now have an opportunity to change the conversation about hair thinning and apply hair regeneration as a way to restore your hair without surgery. This doesn’t mean that hair transplantation is obsolete but a significant percentage of people with thinning hair can benefit from hair regeneration.

So what is the treatment?

For you will meet our staff and have detailed medical examination including medical photography and microscopic examination. Your treatment options and suggested plan will be explained and discussed thoroughly. Once it has been determined that you are a suitable candidate, the clinical team will begin the process. You will have a simple blood draw like when you have a routine laboratory test. As your platelet-rich plasma is being prepared and mixed with the extracellular matrix and other materials customized for you, a topical anesthetic cream is applied to your scalp. The area to be treated is made numb and then you have your treatment. Most clients go back to their work and normal activities the next day.

After your treatment, you will receive instructions. The staff, including your doctor, is always available to you 24 hours a day. You will be scheduled for follow-up examinations but you will be welcomed to come back as often as you like if you have any concerns.

To learn if hair regeneration can help you, contact the offices at (212) 265-8877 24 hours a day or visit www.nyhairloss.com and complete a contact form.


Patient Reviews

I am able to comb my hair back and feel good about it.

I started noticing less shedding on my hair as I brushed every morning and my hair has a better stronger texture to it. The first thing I noticed was my receding hair less on my side now. I am able to comb my hair back and feel good about it.

I am extremely happy with the results achieved on my hair transplant with Acell surgery.

I am extremely happy with the results achieved on my hair transplant with Acell surgery. The hair is growing faster, thicker and the transplants themselves are just starting to grow. I wish I had found Dr. Prasad before.


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