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I feel Good!!!! In my James Brown voice lol
This has been life changing for me. Before the procedure my hair was very thin and bald in certain areas. I did not feel good about the way I looked. I was embarrassed about my appearance. Now two years later, I am very pleased with the results and now sharing this amazing process with anyone who is willing to listen….. Thanks Dr. Prasad, Linda and the team for your concern and care of my hair!


My hair restoration experience
The staff informed me when I arrived that they were running a little behind and even so I did not have to wait long to be taken into the office. Staff showed a genuine interest in me and getting the most accurate pictures to show my results, and showed interest when I voiced a concern.


My experience throughout this entire process has made me very hopeful
My experience throughout this entire process has made me very hopeful. This is the first procedure I have tried that has actually made a difference. Dr. Prasad and his staff is very friendly, informative, and always makes me feel hopeful, while maintaining a realistic goal. My hair has been growing in stronger and thicker. I am so happy I found Dr. Prasad. His procedure has made a huge difference in my life


2 and a half month post-op with Dr. Prasad– PRP W ECM
As a man in my early 20’s, succumbing to MPB is quite detrimental to my confidence and over all appearance. After a scouring the internet, I looked to Dr. Prasad for restoration. After receiving PRP injections from Dr. Prasad, I, like many patience didn’t know what to expect. Quite frankly, I was slightly skeptical about the procedure, but I chose to stay prayerful and optimistic. My mid-scalp was one of several focal points where my hair was thinning, and perhaps the most noticeable. However, after 2 and a half months, my hair growth has flourished! I can’t thank Dr. Prasad and his team enough for being empathetic and seeing it through that I be satisfied. I’m so excited to see more growth!! I have NOT taken finasteride, my results are solely conducive to the PRP treatment.


45 year old Male, hair restoration
Amazing! The best money I ever spent. My receding hairline stopped and actually grew back. 5 years later it’s still thick. I couldn’t be happier. It truly is a miracle,Dr. Prasad and his staff are truly outstanding.


PRP + ACell for Hair Loss
Dr. and staff were all great.


Hair Restoration Injection, Lifesaver! 43 Years Old Male
I lost my hair at 21 years old and I was devastated. At the time transplants and wigs were the only options out there. A wig was out of the question. I was lucky to find one of the best HT Doctors around but even after 8 surgeries my hair was so thin you could see right through it. 6 months ago I found Dr. Prasad and his hair rejuvenation method. I’m 43 now and had no idea if the process would work for me. At 7 months my results are far greater than I could have ever imagined and full results are not seen for 12 to 16 months. If you are losing your hair, and it bothers you, there is no better option than Dr. Prasad’s non surgical technique. The process is cheaper than a hair transplant and the results are natural because it’s your own hair growing back. To not try Prasad’s method first would be insane. There are no scars, doll hair, or risk. The only side effect is a fuller head of hair. I lost my hair 21 years ago, if you’re just starting to lose yours or are unhappy with transplants you need to come see Dr. Prasad. I believe he has created the closest thing to a cure for baldness that has ever existed and the whole process takes less than an hour. You can’t beat that. If baldness bothers you, this is a life saver.


Having hair loss as a female at age 26 is an unsettling experience. I went through a lot of denial and thinking that I am too young for this to happen. I tried many over the counter and home remedies which were not helpful. However, once I made the decision to research other possible treatment options and ended up at Dr. Prasad’s office I knew I made the right decision. The hair restoration process has helped me tremendously and has boosted my self-esteem and self-confidence

-Fort Lee

I had the ACell/ Platlet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections procedure. Dr.Prasad is an excellent doctor, I am pleased with my results. My hair has been restored, I do not even look in the mirror or remember thinning hair. My hair is thicker and fuller with my haircuts every two weeks. I recommend this procedure, its worth it!!

-S R

Dr Prasad and his whole staff are extremely professional before, during and after all procedures. I am completely satisfied and this has definitely accelerated my acting career by having an awesome beautiful full head of hair!

I had a very good experience with Dr. Prasad .Mine hair took a while but I did see an improvement.

I have been a patient of Dr. Prasad for the last 5 years who has treated me and corrected my scar tissue in donor area which was done with another doctor who had done hair transplants. I am extremely happy with the results and being a patient of his and would highly recommend.

I began to notice thinning, receding around my temples several years ago in my 20’s, so I came to Dr. Prasad and 6 months post-op I can feel and see real change in my hairline and hair texture, thickness overall. Dr. Prasad and his team never tried to sell me on the procedure; in fact, since my hair loss was selectively minor I had to convince them! These guys are the best, if your hair is thinning as even think you might be you should consider it. I’m very glad I did.

Had previously had hair transplants from another doctor. Doctor Prasad enhanced and corrected the previous transplants by adding new transplants and using the Extra Cellular Matrix procedure.