Male, age 23 at time of treatment


23 yrs old male with early hair loss

Male, age 23 at time of treatment
Hair loss started at age 21

This man started to notice hair thinning at age 21, but by age 23 he had not tried pharmaceuticals like finasteride or minoxidil to treat it. He received one Hair Regeneration treatment, as well as a prescription for finasteride to help control his DHT level in the bloodstream.

12 months after treatment, he was able get thicker hair growth at this hairline, and short, miniaturized hairs at his temples that were almost lost were now growing thicker and longer.

improved thickness and quality of hair after hair regeneration treatment
After the Hair Regeneration treatment, thickness and quality of hair at the hairline were improved.
visibly thicker and darker hair on the temples 12 months after the treatment
Fine hair at the temples became visibly thicker and darker after the Hair Regeneration treatment.